Evolution of Indian Cinema in the 20th Century


  • Tanduru Cherisma Student, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai, India


Archtypal, bollywood, experimental cinema, female foeticide, infidelity, indian cinema, lgbt community, mass communication, progressive mentality, present generation, social awareness, sexual hypocrisy


One of the most effective ways of promoting Social Awareness through mass communication is Cinema. From the conception of Indian Cinema, people have always been socially impacted. There are numerous films that have inspired, motivated, and even changed the mentality of the society on issues of social discrimination, casteism, untouchability, women empowerment, national integration etc. In the previous generations, Indian films mainly focused on Family relations, True Friendships, values and ethics which were the essence of life for that generation. However, there were a few poignant films on issues like corruption, bureaucracy, untouchability and Women Empowerment. The current generation is facing a whole lot of new age issues sprouting from Globalization, Western influences, and Rapid development of Technology etc. Now, Cinema explores more on the negative effects of drugs, human trafficking, hygiene & sanitation, Cyber Crime, LGBTQ ,erectile dysfunction, etc. which were undeniably considered taboo in the previous generation. In this research paper, efforts are made to observe, analyze and compare the role of Cinema then, now and also scope of the same in future generations.




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