Mobilegeddon: Why Google Forcing Websites to go Mobile-Friendly


  • Ajay Dhanraj Sirsat Student, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Dhole Patil College of Engineering, Pune, India


Mobilegeddon, mobile first-era, google’s plan to go mobile-friendly, why google forcing websites to go mobile-friendly, mobile Ad market, conversion rate, PPC revenue


Mobile search engine optimization is the method by which we are able to get better page ranking for your websites in search engine result pages. Many of the users use Google to look for something, and if they’re lucky they’re going to catch on at intervals the highest of few results came back by the google search engine. With the rise in mobile devices, the search on mobile devices ought to even be relevant and in a timely manner. During this analysis, a shot has been created to grasp the consequences of the mobilegeddon’s logic of mobile-friendliness for search ranking, which changes the method your website is hierarchic in mobile search. During this study, a close understanding of the search analytics report that was found within the Google search console and totally different net surveys taken by organizations taken into thought to grasp however the changes in mobile search ranking drastically modified thanks to the advancement within the mobilegeddon rule. This study helps to spot totally different aspects of the Mobilegeddon rule that causes massive updations to mobile search ranking and results and formally paves the way for the mobile-first era.




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