Generalization of Different Type of Bodies Exist in Universe


  • Surendra Mund Student, Department of Physics, Central University of Rajasthan, Bandarsindri, India


, Imperfect Body, N-Time Inflationary Model of Universe, Partially Perfect and Partially Imperfect Bodies, Perfect Body, Perfection Constant


From my article “On the Configuration of EM-waves and Bosons” I need to describe about what I configured about the types of bodies exist in Universe. How these behave in different situations and what should be the type of coupling scalar field exists in surroundings of the particular kind of body and what should be measurement techniques of perfection of a particular body. So, in this particular article I tend to prove the former terminology which I have started by thinking about light and the behavior of the different kind of bodies. Here I intend to generalize different kind of bodies on behalf of their surrounding type of scalar field and the behavior of different bodies in different interactions.




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S. Mund, “Generalization of Different Type of Bodies Exist in Universe”, IJRAMT, vol. 2, no. 7, pp. 213–220, Jul. 2021.