Internet Marketing and its Impact on Society


  • Rajshri Dhir Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Memorial Degree College, Lucknow, India


E-mail, Internet marketing, Search engines, Social media, Traditional marketing


Internet marketing is also called online marketing. It is the form of electronic communication that is utilized by the marketers to sell the goods and the services to the consumers in the market. The use of the Internet for marketing has become an indispensable part of business. Through the use of Internet we can do businesses and reach the customers in a quick, powerful, easy and inexpensive manner. Marketing firms, with the help of Internet marketing, collect consumer data and production is customized and then it targets potential customers. It is the most unique interactive media between consumers and marketers which speeds up the business. It can be said that ultimate purpose of the Internet marketing helps the customers to have access to a large range of the product. It is Internet-based communication technologies that contributed to the reshaping of marketing world. The important features in Internet marketing are online market research, online advertising, online pricing models and online promotions. This paper explains the various constituents of Internet marketing. This paper tries to examine the merits and demerits of Internet marketing over traditional marketing. This paper tries to analyze how it is benefitting the companies and explore the impact it has on its traditional market and its present society.




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