Criminalization of Politics


  • Ashok Kumar Paled Department of Political Science, Davanagere University, Davanagere, India
  • S. S Angadi Department of Criminology and Forensic Science, Karnataka Science College, Dharwad, India
  • C. Theju Kumar Department of Criminology, Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies, Bengaluru, India


Political, Criminals, Scam, Corruption


Indian politics is always in news around the world, at present we have a tendency to fairly often come upon the words law making of politics law making of Politics implies that the criminals getting into the politics and contesting elections and even obtaining elective. The foundation of the matter lies within the country’s poor governance capability. In India, it's not a brand-new development. Information from the last 3 general elections shows candidates with criminal cases were thrice a lot of possible to win than a “clean” candidate. The criminal intrants of anybody can use bootleg means that to prevent different candidates from contesting elections, use the weapon of intimidation to prevent a supporter of another candidate to forged vote and use of cash power to induce a choose his favor. Such candidates, once elective, obtain to recover their expenses besides securing a corpus for the long run election as quickly as doable, particularly within the era of coalition governments with slight stability. The roots of the foremost apropos challenges moon-faced by Indian politics nowadays will be copied to the dearth of intra-party democracy in candidate choice and party elections. The dearth of transparency in price ticket distributions by political parties is additionally the foundation reason for this drawback. The priority for corrupt and criminal-free politics wants a lot of stress by the commission and Supreme Court, so as to free politics from criminals. Currently law making of politics is one amongst the most important issues in Asian country as many politicians facing charges of murder, corruption, rape and abduction. Elections are the foremost vital and integral a part of politics in a very democratic system of governance. Democracy will operate solely upon this religion that elections are free and honest and not manipulated. Evils like crime, corruption and cash power have the potential to poison our democracy and system of Democracy isn't operating properly. My paper is a trial to debate the law making of politics in Asian country that directly have an effect on our everyday life. Currently if we should always not take serious steps to prevent all this our coming back generation never mature during this spoiled system.





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