A Study on Analyzing the Opinion and Satisfactory Level of Customers Towards Online Courses with Reference to "Laugh out Loud Ventures Pvt. Ltd."


  • S. N. Deepak Department of Business Administration, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Banglore, India
  • G. Karpagavalli Department of Business Administration, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Banglore, India


Courses, Online


The biggest management challenge in the new millennium of liberalization and globalization for a business is to serve and maintain good relationship with the king – the customer. In the past producers took their customers for granted, because at that time the customers were not demanding nor had alternative source of supply or suppliers. But today there is a radical transformation. The changing business environment is characterized by economic liberalization, increasing competition, high consumer choice, demanding customer, more emphasis on quality and value of purchase etc. All these changes have made today’s producer shift from traditional marketing to modern marketing. Modern marketing calls for more than developing a product, pricing it, promoting it and making it accessible to target customer. It demands building trust, a binding force and value added relationship with the customers. Businesses monitor customer satisfaction in order to determine how to increase their customer base, customer loyalty, revenue, profits, market share and survival. Although greater profit is the primary driver, exemplary businesses focus on the customer and his/her experience with the organization. They work to make their customers happy and see customer satisfaction as the key to survival and profit.




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