Child and Advertisement


  • Priyanka Roy Department of Business Administration, Millia Institute of Technology, Purnea, India


Impact, TV Advertisement, Children


The kid market is burgeoning market worldwide. A similar situation exists in India where kid is estimated at Rs.5000 crores/ $110 million. Children today are assuming the role of decision makers from a relatively young age. The marketers mainly aim at this target audience.
Purpose: In order to understand the reaction of children to TV advertising, to know how they participate in the buying decision process and how child psychology is affected by ads. To reach this purpose, researched question focused on asking about how children’s perspective on TV advertisement and how they react to the Ads? How they influence the buying decision of their parents?
 To provide better understanding of how TV commercial affects children.
 To know the reaction of children to TV ads.
 To understand the role of children in buying decision process
 To know the impact of TV advertisement on child psychology
Population & sample:
Total child population of India: 400 million (total population: 1210.19 million)
 Size: 50
 Age group: (7-11 yrs)
The reason why the age interval was defined is because children below the age of eight have limited processing skills and children above fourteen years of age use a variety of strategies for storing and retrieving of information almost similar to the grown-up people and also because this age group constitutes the “teenager market”.
 Primary data collection:
 Observation
 Questionnaire
 Survey
Secondary data collection:
a) Online surfing
b) Reference books
The product category includes chocolates, health drinks, and fast foods.
The study is limited to local residential area of Kolkata, which represents a small percentage of population of India.
1. Children in age group of 7-11 years are only examined.
2. A convenient sampling method is adopted.





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