Detection of Pneumonia Using Deep Transfer Learning


  • Anshal Aggarwal
  • Sri Sahith Reddy Kuncharam
  • Atharva Mangeshkumar Agrawal
  • Akhil Atri
  • Aniket Malsane
  • Khush Bachara


Pneumonia, Chest x-ray


Pneumonia is one of the most not unusual infections in the world these days typically due to microorganisms, fungi or viruses. Pneumonia is swelling of the tissue in one or each lung. It’s typically because of a bacterial infection. A few of the maximum common signs of pneumonia consist of cough, hard breathing, speedy heartbeat, high temperature, sweating and shivering, lack of urge for food, chest ache and many others. It is accountable for greater than one million hospitalizations and fifty thousand deaths in the United States o. Most are not unusual practices to pick out the symptoms of pneumonia by using chest X - rays. Two of the most commonplace types of pneumonia determined in human lungs are viral and bacterial. Doctors can distinguish between viral and bacterial pneumonia with the aid of examining the chest X-ray.


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A. Aggarwal, S. S. R. Kuncharam, A. M. Agrawal, A. Atri, A. Malsane, and K. Bachara, “Detection of Pneumonia Using Deep Transfer Learning”, IJRESM, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 38–45, Jan. 2022.




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