Difference Impact of Studying between Hybrid and Online Learning during Pandemic


  • Tutus Rachkutho Student, Departement of Medical, Airlangga University, Surabaya, Indonesia


Covid-19, Hybrids, Knowledge, Online


During pandemic, the main focus of health problems has been shifted to Covid-19 by the government since the cases increased every month in 2021. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on various fields. One of the areas affected by Covid-19 in Indonesia is education, then online learning is carried out. In the current condition, some learning concepts as applied in online learning do not work well in emergency situations like now, besides that an ineffective learning system can result in the delivery of material being difficult to understand, which results in change learning protocol in the school which has been selected by government. Therefore, the simple research will be carried out to the student which the school has been following through the hybrid protocol with the method of questionnaires which pointed out the score of some subject from daily assignment, mid test and final test. The result obtained were 45 students who took the questionnaires with an average score of 86,73 for the hybrid (n=14) while the online (n=31) average value of 87,12.


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T. Rachkutho, “Difference Impact of Studying between Hybrid and Online Learning during Pandemic”, IJRESM, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 56–58, Jan. 2022.