To Design and Study the Physical Properties of Green Concrete by using Demolished Concrete


  • Tejashri Harshal Gawad Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering, St. John College of Engineering and Management, Palghar, India


composite, construction, debris, demolished, design mix, green concrete, production, re-use, strength


Green concrete is a changing topic in the history of the concrete industry. It's a way of the concept of environmental considerations in concrete thinking is considered all aspects such as materials, production, design mix, structure, construction and service life. In this project we will try to design green concrete by using demolished concrete i.e. friendly concrete debris. After designing us will study the physical properties of green concrete and the general concrete used in construction. We will look at whether the proposed concrete is likely to perform construction work and finally we will compare the performance and strength of ordinary and green concrete concrete. The current investigation will focus on rehabilitating demolished debris building materials to reduce construction costs and solve housing problems they face low-income communities in the world. Demolished concrete debris is separated by sieving to determine the required sizes of the composite, several tests were performed determine the composite structures before re-use in new concrete. This exploratory research aims to use crushed concrete debris as an alternative to good adhesion to a mixture of mud. A typical mud mixture would be likened to concrete debris a mixture of the same proportions.


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T. H. Gawad, “To Design and Study the Physical Properties of Green Concrete by using Demolished Concrete”, IJRESM, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 74–78, Jan. 2022.