Self-Driving Car to Drive Autonomously using Image Processing and Deep Learning


  • Nitika Garg
  • Kanakagiri Sujay Ashrith
  • Gulab Sana Parveen
  • Kotha Greshwanth Sai
  • Anish Chintamaneni
  • Fatima Hasan


Self-Driving Car, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Automated Driving


Self-driving independent vehicles are the solution for reinforcing mobility intelligence associated with using. This venture gives an effective way for implementation of a self-using automobile. Proposed work is primarily based mostly on Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Neural Networks. In our assignment, we're the usage of many features together with mapping, monitoring and close by making plans. We can successfully create a vehicle that can demonstrate proper lane modifications, parking, and U-activates its personal. The one-of-a-type enhancements we are the usage of are barriers and reduce detection techniques, street automobile tracker, and checking one in every of a type site traffic conditions. This will make a robust impartial self-pushed vehicle. It will effectively show proper parking allotment, lane changes, and automated U-turns. We can do those the usage of the obstacle and severa diminish detection technique, the car tracker. Self-driving motors integrate a selection of sensors to understand their environment, which consist of radar, lidar, sonar, GPS, odometry and inertial length gadgets. Advanced manage systems interpret sensory statistics to identify appropriate navigation paths, in addition to obstacles and applicable signage. Long distance trucking is visible as being at the leading fringe of adopting and imposing the technology. We use Artificial Intelligence for spotting and presenting the route which the self-sustaining automobile have to examine for proper operating. Additionally, a driverless automobile can reduce the time taken to attain the destination because it will take the shortest path, avoiding the visitor’s congestion. Human errors may be averted thereby permitting disabled human beings (even blind human beings) to own their automobile.


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N. Garg, K. S. Ashrith, G. S. Parveen, K. G. Sai, A. Chintamaneni, and F. Hasan, “Self-Driving Car to Drive Autonomously using Image Processing and Deep Learning”, IJRESM, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 125–132, Jan. 2022.