Management of Numeracy Instruction in Public Elementary Schools in the Division of Batangas Province


  • Arnel A. Alcantara DepEd Sta.Teresita, Batangas Province, Philippines


Elementary education, Instruction, Management skills, Mathematics, Numeracy


It is the responsibility of all teachers to promote the development of numeracy among every child and young person. With a greater emphasis on numeracy for all elementary pupils, teachers must plan to revisit and consolidate numeracy skills throughout schooling. This study assessed the teacher’s level of management of the numeracy instruction in terms of content knowledge, pedagogical approaches, ICT-related skills, classroom management, preparation of instructional materials, and preparation of assessment tools. The issues in numeracy instruction were also identified in this research endeavor. The descriptive research design was utilized with a researcher- made questionnaire as the main data gathering tool. Quantitative data were supported by interview and focus group discussion. With 366 public elementary Mathematics teachers from the four areas in the Division of Batangas Province serving as respondents and research participants. The statistical tools used to treat data were Frequency, Percentage, Weighted mean, F-Test and t-Test. Findings revealed that most of the respondents were still on their bachelor’s degree with more than six years teaching experience. Most of them are not active in terms of trainings attended and research. However, they were found to have management skills in numeracy instruction. The level of management on numeracy instruction differed significantly on the trainings attended and further studies. Study habits, reading comprehension, and parents' support are the primary issues that needs to be addressed. Based on key findings, a numeracy management program was proposed to enhance teachers’ level of management skills on numeracy instruction.


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A. A. Alcantara, “Management of Numeracy Instruction in Public Elementary Schools in the Division of Batangas Province”, IJRESM, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 215–217, Jan. 2022.