Capacitating Out-of-Field Public Secondary Teachers in Batangas Province


  • Philip Adrian Andrin Tenorio Head Teacher III, Department of Education, Batangas Province, Philippines


Capacity-building, Monitoring and evaluation, Pedagogical content knowledge, Professional development, Out-of-field teaching


The thrust of this study was to identify how out-of-field teachers are supported to meet the demands of their work assignment with the end view of developing an instructional support management program. It utilized the descriptive type of research. It aimed to determine the extent of manifestation of capacity building mechanisms along the pedagogical content knowledge, performance monitoring and evaluation, professional development, and personal development. It also considered the difference of assessments when grouped according to profile variables. Issues and challenges encountered by out-of-field teacher were also considered. Researcher constructed questionnaire was the primary data gathering instrument complemented by focus group discussion (FGD). The questionnaire was responded by 234 out-of-field junior high school teachers in the entire province of Batangas. The descriptive statistical tools used to test the hypothesis posited in this study were weighted mean, standard deviation, ANOVA, t-test and Scheffe’s test of pair wise comparison. Based on the findings, the existing capacity building mechanisms in schools lack the framework to support the desired changes in out-of-field teachers’ practice. Issues and challenges occur when the organization fails to acknowledge the unique needs of out-of-field teachers. Contributory to out-of-field teachers’ overall efficacy are the gains in experience and access to updated firsthand information from further studies, training, and active involvement in professional learning communities. Based on the findings and conclusions, the researcher developed an instructional support system plan for junior high school out-of-field teachers which embodies responsive professional and personal development activities to enhance their instructional capacities and overall efficacy.



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P. A. A. Tenorio, “Capacitating Out-of-Field Public Secondary Teachers in Batangas Province”, IJRESM, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 218–225, Jan. 2022.