A Review on Optimization of Industrial Trusses


  • Shraddha Nilesh Rahane Post Graduate Student, Department of Civil Engineering, Imperial College of Engineering & Research, Pune, India
  • S. K. Nalawade Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Imperial College of Engineering & Research, Pune, India


Warren truss, Pratt truss, Howe truss, Steel, Optimization, Finite Element Method


We know that Asian country is that the quickest growing country within the world. Industries square measure increasing day by day. These industries square measure engineered victimization steel truss. If correct style and analyses aren't done there's an opportunity of increase in weight of truss that successively will increase the price of construction. Therefore, to cut back and optimize the truss correct style and analyses is needed. The study aims to optimize and analyze a Warren, Pratt and Howe steel trusses and scrutiny Warren truss with different Pratt and Howe trusses. Existing structure steel trusses was optimized for minimum weight, in unnatural with allowable stresses and deflections. The cross-sectional space of the truss members is taken as a style variable. Existing pure mathematics and loading conditions of the truss square measure sized to mimic true world surroundings. The steel trusses were optimized victimization the planning optimization tool as 1st order optimization methodology in ANSYS and it's extended to match for best appropriate truss pure mathematics for minimum weight. Mesh studies were performed on all ANSYS finite component models to make sure answer convergence. A comparison of the trusses was created by evaluating the minimum margin of safety altogether truss members. To create a good analysis all trusses, have identical geometries and loading conditions. The intent is to match that truss is additional economical once constructing a truss. Finally, it's complete that Warren truss is showing high stiffness to weight magnitude relation over different trusses when optimization.


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S. N. Rahane and S. K. Nalawade, “A Review on Optimization of Industrial Trusses”, IJRESM, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 237–242, Jan. 2022.