Effect of Semi Rigid Joints On Design of Steel Structure


  • Chinmyi Chandrakant Burle Student, Imperial College of Engineering and Research, Pune, India


Steel structures joints, Rigid joints, Frame


Limit state design method has presented a new era of safe and economic construction for steel structures. New standard IS 800:2007 for design of steel structures has provided an opportunity for modern design philosophy, design specifications and provisions as per Limit State Method of design in our country. In design of steel structures, steel connections are important elements for controlling behaviour of structure. It is essential that to understand behaviour of steel frame, connectors are required to develop full or a little higher strength compared to members being joined in order to achieve a safe and an economical design. A connection rotates through angle or caused by applied moment M. This is angle between beam and column from their original position. Several moment-rotation relationships have been derived from experimental studies for modelling semi-rigid connections of steel frames. These relationships vary from linear model to exponential models and are non-linear in nature. Connections possess semi rigid end conditions in actual behavior. In this paper the study of literature review on, the effect of semi rigid joints on design of steel structures is studied also study of literature review on the behavior of semi rigid connections and its modeling is discussed.


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C. C. Burle, “Effect of Semi Rigid Joints On Design of Steel Structure”, IJRESM, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 252–254, Feb. 2022.