Self-Car Driving using Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing


  • Mohammed Abdul Muqeet
  • Rayyan Mohiuddin
  • Adith Thaniserikaran
  • Ikramuddin Ahmed
  • Kamuju Abhi Subrahmanyam
  • Anoohya Podapati


Self-usage of independent automobiles, Computer Vision, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence


Self-riding self-sufficient motors are the solution for reinforcing mobility intelligence related to using. This mission presents an effective manner for implementation of a self-using automobile. Proposed paintings are based totally mostly on Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Neural Networks. In our mission, we're the usage of many features which encompass mapping, monitoring and local planning. We can efficaciously create a vehicle that may monitor right lane modifications, parking, and U-activates its own. The extraordinary innovations we're using are obstacles and cut down detection techniques, avenue vehicle tracker, and checking special site visitors’ situations. This will make a sturdy self-enough self-driven automobile. It will efficiently reveal right parking allotment, lane adjustments, and automated U-turns. We can do those the use of the obstacle and various reduce detection method, the automobile tracker. Self-driving cars combine a selection of sensors to perceive their environment, inclusive of radar, lidar, sonar, GPS, odometry and inertial length gadgets. Advanced manage structures interpret sensory facts to understand appropriate navigation paths, as well as limitations and applicable signage. Long distance trucking is seen as being on the main fringe of adopting and imposing the technology. We use Artificial Intelligence for recognizing and presenting the course that the self-sufficient car should observe for correct running. Additionally, a driverless car can reduce the time taken to reach the holiday spot because it will take the shortest direction, fending off the website traffic congestion. Human errors may be prevented thereby allowing disabled human beings (even blind humans) to personal their automobile.


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M. A. Muqeet, R. Mohiuddin, A. Thaniserikaran, I. Ahmed, K. A. Subrahmanyam, and A. Podapati, “Self-Car Driving using Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing”, IJRESM, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 23–30, Feb. 2022.