A Study of Investor Attitude Towards Selected Scheduled Commercial Banks in Bangalore


  • Twinkle Rose Vinod Student, Department of Commerce PG, Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore, India


Banks, Commercial banks, Customers, Investors, Markets


This is a study that would analyze the attitude of investors towards selected scheduled commercial banks with respect to Bangalore City. The researcher aimed to assess visitor perceptions of Bangalore's scheduled commercial banks. The researcher investigated both primary and secondary data to do this. To collect primary data, a questionnaire was used. Secondary information was acquired from bank websites. The primary data was obtained from 150 commercial bank customers in Bangalore using a convenience sample method. The respondents were drawn from ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Canara Bank, Karnataka Bank, and Corporation Bank. A total of 24 questioners were distributed to each bank. This research is being carried out primarily to establish investor perceptions of certain scheduled commercial banks. According to the study's findings, the majority of respondents opened bank accounts in order to obtain loans, receive compensation from their jobs, and for purposes other than investing.


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T. R. Vinod, “A Study of Investor Attitude Towards Selected Scheduled Commercial Banks in Bangalore”, IJRESM, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 94–96, Feb. 2022.