A Study on Investment Analysis of Space Elements Intex LLP


  • Irene Liss Chammany Student, Department of Commerce (PG), Kristu Jayanti College, Bengaluru, India


investment analysis, company, earnings per share, financial performance, profitability


An investment is an asset or object purchased with the expectation of earning money or appreciating in value in the future. An investment always entails the current expenditure of some asset (time, money, effort, etc.) with the expectation of a higher return in the future than what was first invested. The purpose of investment analysis is to figure out how a certain investment will perform and whether it is appropriate for a particular investor. It could contain both current and historical information. The research is carried out using a variety of data collection methods, depending on the nature and scope of the study. The secondary data is the data which have already been collected by someone else, used for some purpose and stored. Government reports, Web information, Journal articles, Historical data and information, Official statistics, Dissertations, Biography, Newspaper articles, and so on. While doing analysis, the experts can easily research the securities and can also evaluate the sustainability and the growth of it in the near future. Through this study, the investors can have a clear idea of the securities he wishes to invest in.


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