Tata’s Endeavor to Make Commanding Presence in Airlines Arena


  • Subhendu Bhattacharya Assistant Professor, Amity Global Business School, Mumbai, India
  • Ehtesham Khan Student of Management, Amity Global Business School, Mumbai, India


Airline’s business, Aviation sector, Disinvestment, Strategic sale, TATA- AI deal, Privatization


India has surpassed the United Kingdom to become the world's third biggest domestic aviation market, with the UK anticipated to overtake India as the world's third largest air passenger market by 2024. In the next four years, India's aviation sector is predicted to see investment of Rs. 35,000 crore (US$ 4.99 billion). By 2026, the Indian government plans to invest US$ 1.83 billion in airport infrastructure as well as aviation navigation services. Aviation sector in India suffered huge losses due to pandemic restrictions and travel ban in 2020. Oil price hike since February 2021 also cause some pain for airlines enterprises. According to the Economic Survey of India, the Indian aviation sector has begun to recover as the COVID-19 vaccination is being rolled out at a faster speed and worldwide travel restrictions are being eased. Indian Government guided by prime minister Narendra Modi decided strategic sale of national carrier Air India in January 2022 as disinvestment of loss-making airlines became a priority. TATA owned company won the bid to take over cent percent stake of Air India along with AI Express and half of AISTATS by January end 2022. The dominance of private players in Aviation sector has become evident with the deal.


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S. Bhattacharya and E. Khan, “Tata’s Endeavor to Make Commanding Presence in Airlines Arena”, IJRESM, vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 57–59, Mar. 2022.




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