Comparative Analysis of Plant Growth Using Coco-Peat and M-Sand


  • M. Thanveer Sulthana Sana Model School, Chennai, India


plant, growth, m-sand, coco-peat


With the growth in population, there is a great demand of natural resources and their utilisation. Also, the generation of waste gets increased simultaneously which present a lot of problems to the living world. Re- utilisation of these ''so called wastes'' surely helps overcome this problem to a much greater extent. This experiment made the use of these biological wastes as a form of mineral nutrition to plants. Firstly, I extracted a biological waste water solution from the kitchen wastes and used it as enrichment media for my plants. I then cultivated plants of fenugreek, chilli, and tomato under different soil types – (1)m-sand and (2) coco-peat and studied its comparative analysis. The heights of the plants for both the soil types were measured. After collecting the data, the data was analysed. The hypothesis of the experiment is the soil type which presents effective growth of plant. The experiment resulted that coco-peat is observed to be suitable for plant growth on comparison with m-sand.


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M. T. Sulthana, “Comparative Analysis of Plant Growth Using Coco-Peat and M-Sand”, IJRESM, vol. 5, no. 6, pp. 343–347, Jul. 2022.