Video Steganography in the Field of E-Healthcare


  • A. Jamuna Department of Information Science and Engineering, New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore, India


video steganography, healthcare


Steganography is the creative art of concealing confidential messages or secret data inside an ordinary file. This helps to prevent the detection of the existence of secret data. Steganography takes data hiding one step ahead than the normal data encryption. Data encryption hides the data, but Steganography hides the existence of the data. In this project we use video as the cover media for hiding the data and therefore stressing on the concept of video steganography in the field of E – healthcare. The main idea of e-healthcare is to provide healthcare facilities to patients where doctor-patient distance is immaterial. In this regard, the Electronic Health Record (EHR) of a patient needs to be just exchanged securely. This EHR includes clinical data such as pharmacy notes, medical insurance details, doctor prescription, laboratory reports, the data with respect to health monitoring like blood pressure, sugar level, heartbeat and other medical records. The conventional way is concealing the EHR in encrypted medical images. This may cause capacity and data loss issues. Whereas the proposed method works on videos that confer enough capacity to conceal the EHR data which can be any format such as text, image, audio or video. AES, Wavelet and Fernet algorithms are used, which makes the EHR data robust against attacks. Therefore, the proposed method is highly capable in e-healthcare scenarios.


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