A Review on Cell Cycle


  • Masanam Lakshmi Sahithi Sri Student, B.Sc. Agriculture, SSJP's College of Agriculture, Khandala, Ongole, India


Cell cycle, Cell division, Mitosis, Meiosis


Cell is a basic unit of life, Structural and functional unit of all living organisms and is also defined as a mass of protoplasm surrounded by a plasma membrane. It is the fundamental building block, which when joined with comparative cells frames a tissue and organs. The cell goes through a progression of occasions that outcome in the duplication of cell alongside the DNA. This is known as the cell cycle. These occasions incorporate duplication of its genome and combination of the cell organelles followed by division of the cytoplasm. Occasions occurring in a cell cycle is hereditarily controlled. From the single cells that make up the most fundamental life forms to the trillions of cells that establish the mindboggling design of the human body, every single living being on Earth is involved cells. In the view of cell division, this paper tries to provide necessary information about the cell cycle.


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