Emerging Trends in Indian Agribusiness Management


  • Harshal S. Deshmukh Assistant Professor, Department of MBA, MVP Samaj's Institute of Management & Research Technology, Nashik, I
  • Sanjay Laxman Argade Associate Professor, Department of Commerce, K. J. Sommaya College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Kopargaon, India
  • Sourabh S. Ambewadikar Assistant Professor (Visiting), Department of MBA, MVP Samaj's Institute of Management & Research Technology, Nashik, India


Indian agriculture, Indian farmer, agriculture data in India, agriculture equipment, organic farming in India, agriculture jobs, agriculture region in India, agriculture enterprise in India, agriculture records, dairy farming in India, globalization, green revolution, liberalization, self-sufficiency, sustainability


Inexperienced revolution has been the tremendous example of overcoming adversity of loose India. The United States that was frequently laid low with starvations and ceaseless nourishment lack earlier than green upheaval, we're today in a function where we're fighting with the difficulty of extra. From a nourishment grain creation round 55 million tons on the hour of autonomy, we currently increase underway of more than 250 million lots of nourishment grain (2011). Agribusiness has been a wellspring of labor for more than one thirds of our populace. In comparison to created us of a, farming still stays the inspiration of our country. to disencumber India from its dependence at the created countries for its nourishment need, horticulture became superior in a primary way. Horticulture in India isn’t just a enterprise venture; it is an increasing number of a way of life. Indian farming is experiencing short trade because the presentation of inexperienced transformation innovation. the continued arrangement of development and globalization has unfolded new roads for farming modernization. This has now not simply involved on improving agrarian assets of information, infrastructural places of work in country zones but changing sources of data reducing appropriations, relaxing roof laws and generating rural surplus for home and international markets. In perspective at the growing prosperity inside the rural region’s needs are being raised for agricultural taxation and according enterprise reputation to agriculture.


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H. S. Deshmukh, S. L. Argade, and S. S. Ambewadikar, “Emerging Trends in Indian Agribusiness Management”, IJRESM, vol. 5, no. 7, pp. 75–77, Jul. 2022.