Manufacturing Industry and Corporate Social Responsibility on the Society


  • M. S. Nikhil Department of Studies in Commerce, Pooja Bhagavat Memorial Mahajana Education Centre, Mysuru, India
  • M. Bhavani Department of Studies in Commerce, Pooja Bhagavat Memorial Mahajana Education Centre, Mysuru, India



Beneficiaries, Corporate, JK tyres


This research provides the overview of the major findings that was found out during the analyses of the collected and suggestions drawn using the analyzed data. The present study deals with the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility activities on beneficiaries. Corporate Social Responsibility is a boon to the growing market. The Corporate Social Responsibility strategy has made the companies contribute to the society and economic performance of the country. Corporate Social Responsibility is the latest marketing strategy and a mandatory activity adopted by the companies to create a competitive advantage and for the economic development. The researcher studied various Corporate Social Responsibility activities initiated by manufacturing sectors and concentrated on the impact those Corporate Social Responsibility activities made on the beneficiaries. The study was made on the primary data collected from the beneficiaries of Corporate Social Responsibility activity which was initiated by JK Tyres Ltd. Mysuru. As per the data collected, JK Tyres Ltd Mysuru, have met the required norms under section 135 of the Companies Act of 2013 by carrying out the various Corporate Social Responsibility activities. JK Tyres Ltd. Mysuru have adopted 5 Villages namely Mydanahalli, Buchahalli, Mudalakoppalu, Halebeedu & Devarahalli in BilikereHobli, Hunasur Taluk, Mysuru District. JK Tyres Ltd Mysuru adopted 3 Govt. schools namely Govt. Primary school, Mydanahalli, Govt. Primary School Buchahalli & Govt. High School, Hosahalli. In Mysuru disctrict Hunsur Taluk JK Tyres Ltd have helped farmers by providing them with 5000 mango tree samplings, Vermi compost unit of 15 numbers, rain water harvesting units of 3 numbers, Trench cum bunding for 253.4 hectares, 21 farm ponds, 4 tanks have been de silted and 3 bore well units have been recharged.


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M. S. . Nikhil and M. . Bhavani, “Manufacturing Industry and Corporate Social Responsibility on the Society”, International Journal of Research in Engineering, Science and Management, vol. 3, no. 11, pp. 1–9, Nov. 2020, doi: 10.47607/ijresm.2020.361.