Scientific Handwriting Changes Your Life


  • Muneela Khanam Student, Department of Handwriting Analysis and Graphology, Handwriting University USA, Bengaluru, India


Brain writing, Graphology, Handwriting analysis, Human behavior analysis, Personality traits, Strokes


Handwriting Analysis is one of the unique specialized characteristic and emerging scientific processes moreover individually accurate projective method for personality development, wherein it represents what is in our mind to communicate with others, it carries the richest information to gain the insights into the physical, mental and emotional state of the writer. Graphology is art of studying and analyzing handwriting is a scientific method used to determine a person’s true personality by evaluating various features from the handwriting. Handwriting is a reflection of each individual’s personality; the writer leaves their identity in the characters of their writing. The prime features of handwriting are slant, size, pressure, baseline, zones, alignment, space between the letters and words, margins, speed writing, pen stop and pen flick, strokes, loops, bars, dots, stem, number of breaks, behavior of the individuals is predicted from these traits of handwriting. Personality can be identified through various handwriting features such as Psychology, Medical diagnosis, recruitment of staff, career counseling, writer identification, forensic, compatibility, personality development. Dynamic aspects of handwriting are discussed and interpreted in relation to concept of Graphology, interpretation are given in relation to problems of personnel selection and as illustration of use of this techniques.


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