A Study On Factor Influencing Mutual Fund Investment


  • Vijay Gondaliya B. V. Patel Institute of Management, Uka Tarsadia University, Bardoli, India
  • Jasani Yagnik B. V. Patel Institute of Management, Uka Tarsadia University, Bardoli, India


regular return, less risk, diversification, positive about mutual fund, investment


Mutual funds pool money from different investors and invest in different investment sources like stocks, shares, bonds etc. A professional fund manager manages these and returns are paid in form of dividends. Some schemes assured fixed returns that are less in risk and some offer dividends based on the market fluctuations and prices. Mutual funds give small or individual investors access to professionally managed portfolios of equities, bonds, and other securities. The main objective of the research is to study the Investor’s behaviour regarding mutual fund like their objective of investment, saving, also factor influencing the buying behaviour of investor. Researcher collected data from the primary data from 95 samples from the Surat district. Data collection method was structured questionnaire where Likert scale and multiple choice questions. In questionnaire multi response questions are included and after collecting data researcher used different statistical test like frequency analysis, one sample t-test, and crosstab analysis. This project undertaken deals with customer perception with regard to mutual funds that is the schemes they prefer, the plans they are opting, the reasons behind such selections and also this project dealt with different investment options, which people prefer along with and apart from mutual funds. Like postal saving schemes, recurring deposits, bonds, and shares. People are more positive towards investment in mutual fund because regular return, less risk, large no. of options available for investment, diversification, easily accessibility, etc.


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V. Gondaliya and J. Yagnik, “A Study On Factor Influencing Mutual Fund Investment”, IJRESM, vol. 4, no. 6, pp. 14–17, Jun. 2021.